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Published 18 days ago • 1 min read

The Weekly Dispatch

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We have wonderful NEWS, thanks to you WMBeauty has been nominated in the TOP 5 Best Pinebelt Permanent Makeup Artist/ Medical Spa. We give the biggest THANK YOU.

Another favor, we need you to VOTE NOW. FestivalSouth Best of the Pinebelt/ Permanent Makeup Artist/ Medical Spa. Starts June 1, 2024-June 2024. We would love to be considered the best medical spa this year and we need your help. Can we count on you?

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FestivalSouth Best of the Pinebelt!

Permanent Makeup Artist/ Medical Spa

Soft Life Brows

Are you tired of filling them in every day?

Does it take you 15-30 minutes to apply your daily brows?

Want to learn about how to wake up with less effort to your makeup routine?

If you need to book any appointments: Book here! Can't wait to service you.

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The Weekly Dispatch Top posts from this week with WMBeauty! Wmbeauty Challenge! Post a selfie on June 21, 2024 for National selfie day from a service I have done for you and @ me and you will receive $10 off any service (Discount cannot be combined with any other discount). Recent articles Selfie Day 6/21 You know what to do! @waverlymcswain on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok Book Service Here Everyday Makeup Class 15 Minute Class to learn how to do your makeup in 10 Minutes.. 10 Minutes!...

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